Rodent control is not just about traps and poison. Lasting control demands that you discover the source of the problem so rats can never return. Below are 5 simple steps to get rid of rats:

Get a Full History– Focus your attention on finding the location and the source of the infestation
• Check Drain, All Exits, External Walls & Ground Cover– Be Prepared to think outside the box, you are the detective.
• Record Your Findings– What were you told, what did you see and what were your conclusions, what is the source? This is a living record that should chart your progress.
• Apply Controls– Contact Econ-O-Bug to set up physical barriers, proofing and repairs to ensure you deny rats entry. Traps and Poison ensure residual activity is well controlled, protecting internal services, items, and individuals, etc.
The 28 Day Rule– If after 28 days you can still see or hear activity then measures that have already been applied to the problem have been unsuccessful and the problem will require re-investigation. Econ-O-Bug pest control services are anything but standard, with lasting solutions and customized plans.