There are many different types of ants that we regularly treat for in the Midlands. We use a variety of treatment methods based on the type of ant, location, time of year and other factors. Once we initially inspect and identify the type of ant, we are then able to determine the best treatment protocol and products to use. Controlling ants can be especially difficult depending on the type of ant infestation in your home or business. Therefore, a professional ant inspection is always recommended to identify what kind of ant colony and to determine the best treatment option. Our trained ant control professionals at Econ-O-Bug are ready with the proper equipment and experience to effectively handle your Lexington SC ant control needs.

We have been serving the Midlands area for over 35 years. Our trained technicians take the safety of your family and pets into consideration while they identify the best pest control option for your ant infestation. Our exterminators select the safest, most effective treatment for your specific situation.

Econ-O-Bug can help you eliminate the ants in your home and help you keep them away – permanently! We will help you protect your home from new infestations by protecting your perimeter and identifying likely points of entrance for new ants, so you can act before the ants arrive. Our pest control estimates are free, and they come with no risk or obligation to you. Don’t let ants take over your property. Call the local pest control experts at Econ-O-Bug today.