There’s no escaping cockroaches in South Carolina. The heat and humidity attract them to South Carolina and all of the southern states. With these dangerous bugs infesting more territory while causing sickness and allergies in humans, you need to do everything you can to keep cockroaches at bay and eliminate them quickly.

Identify the Problem

The first thing you need to do in your process of eliminating a cockroach infestation is identifying that you have one. Seeing a cockroach is one of the most obvious signs that you may have an infestation. Other signs of a cockroach infestation include a strong unpleasant odor, finding roach feces, or spotting shed skin shells. If you start noticing any of the signs, it’s best to start taking action immediately.

Call the Professionals Immediately to Eliminate Roaches

With cockroaches becoming more immune to pesticides, you need the most current and species-targeted pesticides available. Pest control companies such as Econ-O-Bug, use the most recently released pesticides available. They also know which pesticide will work the best for each type of roach, whether it’s the German cockroach, Oriental cockroach, or the Brown-Banded cockroach.

Getting the professionals to treat as quickly as possible will help you eliminate your roach problem fast.

Remove Food Sources

Roaches are scavengers and will eat any available food. Crumbs, unsealed bags of cereal, and day-old bread are all five-star meals to the average cockroach. If you have a roach problem, remove any source of food to help your home be less appealing.

Seal Up Entry Points

These bugs can slip under the smallest crack or easily skitter up a drain. When trying to eliminate cockroaches, keeping numbers down so they can’t breed is important. Removing their entry points by sealing up any cracks around doors, windows, or roofs will help ensure you don’t have any more roaches moving into your home and breeding.

Set Up Bait Traps to Get Rid of Roaches

Cockroaches are always looking for food to support their numbers. Laying down bait traps can help effectively cut down their numbers by poisoning them with apparent food. The roaches will eat the bait within the traps thinking it’s food, only to be belly up sometime later. Many professional pest companies will deploy bait traps in addition to spraying. However, you can also get your own bait traps at a store for extra measure.

Remove Clutter Around Your Home

Roaches love to hide, whether it’s in spare cardboard boxes around your home, within the clutter in your room or underneath the sink, or in extra garbage outside the carport. They will hide anywhere they can to avoid detection. Removing clutter from around your home will prevent giving the cockroaches hiding and breeding spots.

Econ-O-Bug can help you eliminate the cockroaches in your home and help you keep them away – permanently! We will help you protect your home from new infestations by protecting your perimeter and identifying likely points of entrance for new ants, so you can act before the ants arrive. Our pest control estimates are free, and they come with no risk or obligation to you. Don’t let cockroaches take over your property. Call the local pest control experts at Econ-O-Bug today.