Termites could be happily living in your home eating your timber and wood away. For them, it doesn’t matter where they are getting their next meal from, but it does matter to you. Untreated termites have the ability to literally eat your home away and leave you with another but debris instead of your beautiful home where you once lived with your family. To help prevent this from ever happening to you, here are 7 proven termite treatments with which you can control termites in your home:

Moisture – The first and most important aspect of which you need to take care of relates to moisture. Termites breed with moisture. To prevent termites from even entering your house it is best to keep control on the moisture near the house.

Ventilation – The ventilation in the house is also related to the presence of termites in your home. With improper ventilation, moisture is created and wood remains moist. Ventilation is important to keep the wood dry and moisture away.

Pre-treatment – If you are building a house, then it’s possible to take some termite control measures in the initial stages. Pre-treating the soil or building a barrier under the foundation to avoid the soil and wood coming in contact.

Baits and Barrier Treatments – There are several termite baits and barrier systems available on the market. Invest in quality products to eradicate termites.

Remove Food Source – Termites feed on dead stumps, wood debris, paper and firewood. Keeping such things away from your home will help remove the food source of termites.

Weather Sealers – Termites can find their way into your home through tiny holes or cracks. Sealing any holes or cracks around window seals and wall edges with caulk or weather sealers can keep termites out as well as keep moisture away.

Professional Termite Control – You can always use the help from the professionals in the Midlands like Econ-O-Bug for all of your termite and pest control needs. At Econ-O-Bug, not only will we help you get rid of termites, we can also help remove moisture that may be a cause of termites as well as any wood rot damage that termites may have already done.

Our pest control estimates are free, and they come with no risk or obligation to you. Don’t let termites take over your property. Call the local pest control experts at Econ-O-bug today.