It’s that time of year when families everywhere are going on their summer vacation. Whether you stay at a hotel or AirBnB a home, you want to take precaution in making sure bed bugs don’t hitch a ride back home with you from your vacation.

Hotels do a lot to keep their rooms free of pests, especially bed bugs. Unfortunately, these pests stay under the radar and know how to keep hidden from people during the day. Bed bugs are great at clinging onto luggage and clothing, so it’s easy for people to bring them into a hotel room and not even know it.

Performing a bed bug check in your hotel room is very important. It’s best to check the hotel bed for bugs beneath the sheets, under the mattresses and within the recesses of the furniture. You should also check along the baseboards, behind the night tables, and around any picture frames on the walls.

Check the room thoroughly before bringing your luggage inside. When you return home, leave your luggage outside as a precaution. Bring your clothing inside, and put it directly into the washing machine. Use a hot wash cycle to kill any bed bugs that may have come home with you.

If you think you may have brought home bed bugs on vacation, contact Econ-O-Bug for a thorough bed bug inspection. These pests spread quickly once they’re inside your home. Our professional Columbia SC Exterminators can treat your home, eliminate the infestation and help to keep your property safe from future invaders.