Musophobia, or more simply, an extreme fear of mice, is a condition that many people suffer from. For most people, it is normal to have an anxious reaction to an unexpected stimulus like seeing a mouse, due to the occasional fright that it can give. This occurs as the result of their body’s conditioned threat response. But for some people, it can go much further than that. Being one of the most common specific phobias, musophobia can cause abnormally extreme anxiety in some people.

How to get rid of musophobia?

Well, your first intuition might be to treat this mice problem the conventional way, like any other phobia, with the systematic desensitization carried out by an expert clinician through the healing power of hypnosis or positive associations with the frightening object, which in this case is mice.
No doubt these methods are effective. But these treatments are never guaranteed to work well for everyone. So, what should you do then? Is there a better option to cope with this situation? Well, there is another good way to tackle this problem.
Conventional“phobia” treatments aim at translating your associations with the mice from negative to positive. But think about it: wouldn’t it be even better if, in addition to treating the phobia, that you didn’t have any mice in your surroundings at all?

Put an End to Mouse Problems

You see, the frightening sensation that you get from mice isn’t the only troublesome thing about them. Often, they make your life harder in a number of different ways. They make holes in your clothes, destroy your furniture, pollute food or appliances in your kitchen, damage wires which is a hazard risk, leave urine and droppings, and scratch about at night keeping you awake. So, don’t take it for granted -above and beyond an irrational fear, these things all happen for real.

Being so terrified of mice, and having them loose in your home, is a situation where you desperately need a mouse pest control service. They will take charge when all of your conventional mice extermination methods have failed. If you really have tired of placing mouse traps all around your house (wanting to trap the rodents, but at the same time being afraid of the idea of actually catching one), you really do need professional mouse removal. Econ-O-Bug is your local pest control exterminator. We will save you a ton of time, effort, money, and hours spent in terror worrying that a mouse might come out at any moment and give you a shock.