When we think of spiders in our home, it tends to make our skin crawl. So thinking about how long do house spiders live, can make it worse. The average house spider lifespan can be anything from 1-2 years, which is quite a long time for a spider to be in your home.

As well as this fact, we looked at others that many of our customers didn’t know. Here we are going to list a few. Because if we’re going to live with them for a couple of years, shouldn’t we get to know our eight-legged roommates?

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• Spiders are really old – The spiders we typically find in our home are actually descendants of species that lived 300 million years ago. This means they pre-date dinosaurs. So even if you feel they’re invading your space, remember they were here first.

• Putting a house spider outside could kill it – Most of the time when we see a spider, we will catch it and put it outside. Trapping it and then releasing it is returning it to its natural habitat right? As noble as this may seem, if it is a true house spider, it won’t be able to survive outside.

• Spiders don’t use your plumbing to sneak inside – We often find spiders in our sinks or baths, so it’s typical to assume that’s how they go inside. But modern drains have traps in that would stop spiders from getting through. Instead, they probably got stuck looking for a water source.

• House spiders aren’t dangerous – The vast majority of house spiders will have no incentive to bite anything or anyone unless they think it’s a matter of life or death. They pose little to no threat to us.

• House spiders can be helpful – Spiders are a great line of defense against other pests like flies, moths and aphids and act as natural fly control. This eliminates the need for you to use any chemical insecticides in your home to control these pests.

• You can humanely control house spiders – If you absolutely can’t stand spiders being in your home, it is possible to control them. You can do this naturally by eliminating their favorite habitats. Check your windows, gutters and other places spiders would like to live and remove any cobwebs you find there. This can drive them to different spots, such as your garage or shed instead.