Fruit flies are a common pest concern in Lexington, SC, and the broader Midlands area. Ridding your home of these tiny nuisances often requires time and patience. Your first move is identifying the signs of fruit flies, which allows you to select an appropriate method for removal. Numerous humane options exist for fruit fly management, with professional extermination services topping the list. If you find yourself dealing with fruit flies in the Midlands region, our experienced team at Econ-O-Bug is equipped to help. Read on to learn how to identify a fruit fly infestation and the best strategies to keep your home fruit-fly free.

Identifying Fruit Flies

Fruit flies gravitate towards overripe or decaying fruit. Still, they can also thrive on other rotting organic matter. A single unchecked fruit fly can lead to a full-blown infestation, as they lay hundreds of eggs that mature into adults within ten days.

Seeing an adult fruit fly in your home is a signal that proactive measures are needed to prevent an extensive infestation. Fruit fly pupae, typically found near rotting fruit, can be misidentified as droppings from different pests. Adult fruit flies are often spotted around trash cans, spoiled fruits, or vegetables left unattended for too long. This makes maintaining a clean, rot-free environment an effective method to prevent fruit fly infestations.

Eliminating Fruit Flies

The first step to rid your home of fruit flies is to clear out their breeding grounds. Especially during summer, fruits and vegetables can spoil quickly. It’s crucial to thoroughly remove all overripe or fermenting produce from your home. Simply tossing them into an open trash can could unintentionally worsen your fruit fly problem.

If you notice only a handful of adult fruit flies in your kitchen or near your trash can, you might be able to manage them yourself. One method is to place decaying fruit or vegetables in a disposable container, seal it with plastic wrap, and pierce the top to attract fruit flies. Once they’re trapped, you can dispose of them outside your home.

Should You Hire a Pest Control Company For Fruit Flies?

However, if DIY methods aren’t helping, or if your fruit fly problem has escalated into an infestation, it’s advisable to hire professionals. Our experienced exterminators at Econ-O-Bug have handled a wide variety of fruit fly cases. Regardless of whether your fruit fly issue is in a commercial or residential setting, we’re here to help. Our team will efficiently clear your home of fruit flies without impacting any residents or pets. Econ-O-Bug is a family-run pest control business providing top-tier extermination services for homes and businesses in Lexington, SC, and across the Midlands area. If you’re dealing with fruit flies, don’t hesitate to contact us today!