Getting rid of mice can be tricky, especially if you allow the problem to go on for too long. Mice breed at an alarming rate, so it is best to tackle this problem as soon as possible.

The first step to getting rid of mice is to remove their shelter and food source. Make sure that all foods are shut and put away in cabinets with no holes or gaps that they can squeeze through. Try not to leave any crumbs or pieces of food on the kitchen counters or floor. Taking these first crucial steps will make your home less attractive to these creatures.

Second, check for entry points. Mice can squeeze through gaps the size of its head into your home. This includes any gaps under doorways, cracked open windows, cat or dog doors, low laying letterboxes and open drains are all invitations to get access to your home. Check near the foundations, near vents and anywhere that plumbing goes into your home and check the sidings for gaps. If you see any gaps, make sure that you seal them with caulk and steel mesh or wool. Remember that mice can jump! Trim bushes and trees to avoid upper access to your home for mice.

If an infestation has already occurred, you may notice mice droppings, gnawing marks and scratching noises. In order to stop them, you can lay traps or poison, however, you need to be very careful if you have children or pets in your home. If you decide to lay traps, try using peanut butter instead of cheese and make sure you check them on a regular basis. If you decide to try poison, you need to be aware that you may end up with rodent bodies that you can’t find or get access to.

We recommend that you call the professionals. Econ-O-Bug can help ensure that you don’t put children or pets at risk and that any reminisce of mice are found and removed, otherwise, you could be living with decomposing mice for weeks or months leaving your home quite unpleasant. After your mice problem has been resolved, you will need to thoroughly sanitize your home to eradicate any traces of disease or bacteria that mice carry. Don’t vacuum droppings or nests because this will spread bacteria. Spray areas with disinfectant to properly carry out a full sanitation of your property.

The last step is to mouse-proof your home to prevent any further infestations. Econ-O-Bug can help you eliminate the rodents in your home and help you keep them away – permanently! We will help you protect your home from new infestations by protecting your perimeter and identifying likely points of entrance for new rodents, so you can act before they arrive. Our pest control estimates are free, and they come with no risk or obligation to you. Don’t let rodents take over your property. Call the local pest control experts at Econ-O-Bug today.