Whether it’s rats, fleas, termites, mice or cockroaches, nobody likes the thought of pests invading their home or workplace – and it’s vital for your health and safety, as well as peace of mind, that they are exterminated quickly.

However, many people dislike the thought of causing any pain or suffering to pests – and want to know if humane pest control is possible.

The answer is – yes. If you hire the right pest control in Lexington, pest control can be carried out in a humane, but still very effective, way.

Poison and ‘sticky boards’ are two of the most common approaches which people take when trying to solve a rat or mouse infestation problem on their own. Many, including us, consider both these methods to be inhumane and risky. The animal dies a slow and often painful death.

As experts in humane pest control in Lexington, we are proud to offer more humane solutions to dealing with pest control.

For instance, when it comes to rats and mice, there are traps that we are able to use that capture and exterminate the pests in the most humane way possible.

Pest control experts like us can also help with humane control of pests such as foxes and squirrels. Usually, this involves using our specialist skills and experience to deter the animals from entering or coming near to your property.

Although foxes and squirrels can certainly be a pest – and they do often carry disease, which can be frightening – we believe in offering pain-free solutions to getting rid of them that avoid the use of poisons, guns or any other inhumane form of pest control.

So if you’re concerned about humane pest control in Lexington, please get in touch. Our rates are affordable and our service is second-to-none.