The kitchen is usually a central hub in most homes. For most of us, the kitchen is not only a place where we prepare and eat food but also entertain our friends and family. So finding a mouse in your kitchen can be quite stressful.

One thing mice and humans have in common are that we both like food. It’s the main reason mice love our kitchens so much. Some signs that mice may be feasting in your kitchen are if you see mouse droppings lying around. These droppings are usually small and dark brown in color with pointed ends. Mice can produce up to 50-80 droppings a night. Mouse tracks are another sign that you may have a problem. Try laying some flour or talcum powder out along your kitchen floors, work surfaces, and cabinets overnight and check it the next morning to see if there are any footprints.

Another more obvious sign might be a strong odor. Mice urine has a very strong ammonia smell. The stronger the smell the larger the infestation and the closer you are to their main living quarters. If you suspect mice in your home and would like to schedule a rodent inspection, give us a call today.