If you have any kind of stinging pests on your property, it is best to get them removed as quickly as possible. Hiring a local Columbia SC pest company like Econ-O-Bug Pest Control can get rid of the pests quickly and safely. If you’re allergic to any kind of stinging insect, it’s often best to let a professional exterminator handle the situation so that you avoid getting stung.

Most of the time, there is a nest of some type if you see stinging insects on your property. The nest could be on the side of your home or hidden in a log or tree. There simply isn’t a way to clearly determine where it’s located until you actually see the nest. Try to observe the movement of the insects to see where they travel on your property because they will often lead you to their nest. Once you find the nest, avoid taking any drastic measures in knocking it down. Wait until later in the evening to spray the nest with any kind of product that could kill the insects. They are often calmer at night since they aren’t trying to find food. Wear gloves and other protective gear when dealing with the insects to prevent getting stung. If you do happen to get stung by an insect, wash the area with cool water, monitoring the area for any kind of swelling or a fever that might develop.

A pest control company can use products to keep insects away from the home in the future after they are removed. In order to stay safe and unharmed, contact Econ-O-Bug today and let our professional exterminators rid your stinging insect worries for you.