Pests are a lot of work. They move in without asking, take over everything that is important to you, and then cause no end of trouble. If you are a business owner, pests can cause even more problems, all of which can result in a loss of money, business, and even jail time in some cases. Here’s all you need to know.

The SCDHEC (South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control) is putting in new rules that mean that restaurant owners who have been warned before about a serious pest infestation are going to have to deal with high fines and even face prison.

This is done because having pests – especially rats and cockroaches – is very serious to those who come in contact with contamination through food. They carry all sorts of diseases and bacteria and can make a lot of unsuspecting people ill. By allowing pests to live in your restaurant you are quite literally taking people’s lives in your hands and knowingly serving them potentially harmful food. That is reckless endangerment and a criminal act.

Many restaurant owners and managers will say that pest control is expensive, but it is not as dear as one might think. There are also a lot of ways to prevent them, such as cleaning up messes as soon as possible, keeping rubbish out of the kitchen and cracks filled in, and putting out traps for mice and rats. All of that is important and can be done inexpensively in any business premises.

Taking care of a pest infestation by using a professional is often neglected by businesses.  But, nothing is nearly as pricey as going to prison because you ignored the advice and rules given to you by the SCDHEC, and your company came up short when your property was inspected. When you take care of pests before it becomes a problem, this will no longer be the worry hanging over you.

Many people feel that the SCDHEC’s directives are good, and will allow for people to feel that they are safe in terms of going to restaurants with confidence. After all, if you know you’re protected by professionals – both the SCDHEC’s rules and the kitchen workers who actually get rid of pests – eating out becomes a care-free outing, and you can relax and enjoy your food the way it should be enjoyed.