With the warmer weather comes more clothes moths. Humid and warm weather conditions are when moths thrive. So at this time of year, they tend to be more common. More prevention is important to keep your clothes from being harmed.

Here we are going to give you our best tips for preventing a moth problem.

• Deep clean your wardrobe – Moths love dark and undisturbed corners. Moth prevention starts by removing all of your clothes and deep cleaning everything. Vacuum the corners and drawers and give all surfaces a good wipe. You can then wash and dry all of your clothes. Any eggs that may be lurking in your clothes will be killed by doing this.

• Keep your clothing clean – Moths love to eat clothes that have human sweat and food particles on them. Don’t put dirty clothes back in your wardrobe. Be sure to clean everything before you replace it.

•  Invest in some garment bags – If you’re looking to store your winter clothes, any delicate items should be put into garment bags. You can also purchase anti-moth paper strips for your drawers and closets.

•  Be careful with vintage clothing – If you love to buy vintage, be aware of any moth infestations you may be bringing into your wardrobe. Clean any clothing before you put it in your wardrobe.

• Use cedar wood hangers – Moths hate cedarwood, so having these hangers prevents them. The wood contains natural oils that kill clothes moths and their larvae too. Replenish the oil often.

•  Shake your clothes out – For stored clothes, take them out once a month and give them a good shake. This dislodges any insects hiding there. You can also do this with rugs and carpeting that you have stored. Remember to move your larger pieces of furniture to vacuum carpeting and rugs, because moths will love to hide under these.

•  Use some lavender – Lavender has many uses, and it repels moths. Fill a sachet with lavender or get some lavender oil, then hang these scented pouches in your wardrobe. It won’t kill the moths, but it will prevent them.

Keeping a keen eye on your clothing will help to keep moths out of your clothes. Check for holes in your clothes regularly as well as keeping the room well ventilated. The most effective moth control method is using fumigation. Give us a call today if you need more information on effective moth control.